Tamrons' Adaptall-2/SP Lenses
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I compiled this page from an archived page for personal reference. I found it useful so I have buffed it up and put it alongside the information page. I hope it is a useful at a glance (see notes below) overview of Tamrons' Adaptall-2 and SP lenses for you too.
All these adaptalls are full frame, designed for 35mm film cameras.
ad-ad2Grips (14K) Refer to the adaptall.org website for information on first generation adaptall, adaptamatic and other earlier lenses (there are some really good ones, particularly the primes). BTW it is easy to tell an early adaptall lens from an AD-2: just look at the rubber grip (this seems to be reliable - I haven't noticed an exception yet).

Primes and TC's

#spec    rating    comments
01B24mm f2.58.3 ~ 15smile (1K) "above average..." The AD1 24mm CW24 has a near identical specification and similar rating. 01B was succeeded by 01BB - redesigned (part plastic) body.S
02B28mm f2.57.9 ~ 13Popular, well made. Good but OEM 28's tend to be superior. The earlier CW28 is very similar (but f2.8).A
03B135mm f2.58.6 ~ 8smile (1K) ".. compact lens good but not spectacular.. " The AD1 CT135 is rated similarly.O
04B200mm f3.58 ~ 3"..above average particularly at close focus" Also recommendable, the AD1 CT200 has a 4 element design (the earliest version of which was derived from the adaptamatic 200mm).S
06BSP 350mm f5.6
8 ~ 5biggrin (1K) ".. excellent fast catadioptric, can be hand held." High auction prices suggest desireable/collectors item.S*
107BSP 300mm f2.8 LD8 ~ 1First big fast 300mm, very good but 60B, 360B perhaps better, however collectors chase this one.R
360BSP 300mm f2.8 LD IF10 ~ 4biggrin (1K) Final and perhaps best of the fast 300's.R
51BSP 17mm f3.57.6 ~ 11"very good ultra wide angle" Succceded by 151B - optically the same, redesigned body.O
52BSP 90mm f2.5 macro9.0 ~ 27biggrin (1K) "tele - macro portrait lens very good " Cult classic! Macro 1:2, dedicated 43.4mm extension tube 18F gives precise 1:1.A
52BBSP 90mm f2.5 macro9 ~ 1biggrin (1K) This later version is optically the same but redesigned externally (plastic!).S
55BSP 500mm f8 mirror8.2 ~ 5smile (1K) "smallest and lightest on the market at launch - Mangin design.." Still probably the best (with 55BB) readily available 500mm cat.O
55BBSP 500mm f8 mirror8.8 ~ 18smile (1K) Similar but revised optically, no tripod mount. 55B/BB are true "classics" and still very popular on the S/H market.A
54BSP 300mm f5.68.6 ~ 5smile (1K) "good fixed focal length with excellent macro capabilities.." The 4 element AD1 CT300 is also good quality. Earliest versions were derived from the adaptamatic 300mm and have a TM.S
60BSP 300mm f2.8 LD IF8.9 ~ 8smile (1K) Second and most common version of f2.8 300mm, reckoned to compare well to OEM lenses. The most expensive adaptall (RRP yen) with large low dispersion LD elements.S
63BSP 180mm f2.5 IF10 ~ 6biggrin (1K) There is both the standard version and a limited edition anniversary version with a badge. A superior lens often compared with and considered equal to the legendary Nikon 180mm f/2.8 ED NIKKOR.R*
65BSP 400mm f4 LD IF8.8 ~ 4Also compared well apparently to OEM equivalents. But rare and tends to be pricey.R
72BSP 90mm f2.8 macro9.7 ~ 7biggrin (1K) 1996. Successor to the lauded 52B/52BB, equally rated, and offers 1:1.R
CT105105mm f2.510 ~ 2Tamron discontinued this focal length on producing the AD-2 range, so this well regarded fast portrait lens from the adaptall-1 line up (1976-9) is included here.S
01F2× TC8.7 ~ 7smile (1K) Consistently good report.A
140F1.4× TC9 ~ 5biggrin (1K) Highly regarded: reckoned to be even better IQ than 01F.R
200F2× TC10 ~ 3Reputation: the best TC - but RARE and expensive.R


#spec    rating    comments
01ASP 35-80mm f2.89 ~ 11biggrin (1K) " without question, the best zoom lens ever manufactured within its class and price point.."O
02A70-150mm f3.56 ~ 1"average" " one to avoid.. " This was just a rebadged AD1. Superceded by one-touch 20A, however you may prefer this two ring design.R
03A80-210mm f3.8-47.5 ~ 4".. average .." Hood. Superceded by 103A, same spec. S
04A70-250mm f3.8-4.5"average ... superceded by above average 104A" ... from which it is difficult to distinguish visually.R
05A70-350mm f4.58 ~ 1"big 'n heavy .. ? " Revised from the AD1 CZ735. Forum reviewer says merely that he found it sharp.R
06A200-500mm f6.98 ~ 1".. less than spectacular.." This was an upgrade of the AD1 Z500/CZ500 but was itself superceded by the SP 31A.R
07A28-50mm f3.5-4.56 ~ 2".. above average.."S
09A35-70mm f3.5-4.27.3 ~ 3"above average - excellent sharpness" 1:2.8 macro. 09A and the later f3.5 17A are derived from 01A - say "01A-lite".S
103A80-210mm f3.8-48.5 ~ 16 ?Biggest selling adaptall and well regarded. Easily acquired for a few ££ (but the later 46A better IMO). No hood.A
104A 75-250mm f3.8-4.58 ~ 3"lightweight, above average, macro"S
13ASP 24-48mm f3.5-3.88.3 ~ 3smile (1K) "above average - better at wide angle" Equal to or better than the the only other vintage 24-48mm non-OEM lens: the kiron made 24-48mm.S
17A 35-70mm f3.58.4 ~ 5"above average, constant aperture.. a gem of a lens." 1:2.8 macro. Optically similar to 01A.O
19AH70-210mm f3.59 ~ 15biggrin (1K) The "prosumer" adaptall 70-210, second only to the 30A: ".. best telephoto zoom ever designed.." Vivitar series one beater!S
20A75-150mm f3.58 ~ 4The redesigned "one touch" 2x tp. "better than average... one of the better performing and handling lenses within its class"S
22A35-135mm f3.5-4.28 ~ 3".. above average .." Continuous focus into macroO
23ASP 60-300mm f3.8-5.49 ~ 17biggrin (1K) "above average .... very good sharpness for 5:1 lens " Quite powerful macro mode to 1:1.55.O
26ASP 35-210mm f3.5-4.27.9 ~ 8"above average ..macro.. better than Tokina ATX 35-200mm"S
27A28-80mm f3.5-4.27.1 ~ 10"above average ... very sharp at f8-11 "O
28ASP 28-135mm f4-4.59 ~ 1"above average - complex lens .. 1:4 macro at 28mm"S
30ASP 80-200mm f2.8 8.9 ~ 10biggrin (1K) The adaptall "pro" f2.8 zoom: "superb optical design... equal to all but the very best"R*
31ASP 200-500mm f5.6 8 ~ 3smile (1K) The SP successor to 06A. A large, imposing and sharp lens.R
40A35-135mm f3.5-4.59 ~ 3"above average ...complete redesign, more compact than earlier 22A .. macro at 35mm (like 28A)"S
44A28-70mm f3.5-4.58.1 ~ 7"above average ... move to plastic didn't compromise optical quality"O
46A70-210mm f3.8-48 ~ 7"final version .. similar 103A, slightly longer range"A
47A70-210mm f4-5.61987. Tamrons' foray into in-lens auto focus - a bit of a curiosity. R*
51ASP 70-150mm f2.89.5 ~ 2biggrin (1K) "innovative, fast.. extremely sharp ... built in softness (portrait) control"R*
52A70-210mm f3.5-47.8 ~ 5"Innovative continuous focus macro (1:2) - infinity... but optically average". Some users reckon this is better than 19AH for macro.O
58A70-210mm f4-5.67.2 ~ 51988-91. Compact TP that's similar to but smaller than the common Tokina SD 70-210mm. 158A (1991) ~ same.O
59A28-70mm f3.5-4.56.8 ~ 4Later lens - 1988. Consumer mid-range zoom with macro. 159A (1991) almost indistinguishable.S
65ASP 35-105mm f2.8 8.4 ~ 5Aspherical. Later lens - 1991, fast mid range zoom with up-market price when new.R
71A28-200mm f3.8-5.6 7.3 ~ 47x zoom, compact, aspherical, 1994. Non-adaptall AF versions (171D) common. 171A (1997) optically similar but with macro.S
176ASP 28-105mm f2.8 LD IFAspherical. Later lens - 1997. Premium priced when new - fast, top end, mid range zoom.R


*see for example the lens gallery on mflenses.com

The final column is an indication (nothing more) of auction (eBay UK) availability. Asterisk = of particular interest to collectors.

All Adaptall-2 lenses were discontinued in July 2006 (this brochure from 2005 shows a good selection of adaptalls still being advertised).

End Caps

Canon FD cap used as adaptall end cap Canon eos body cap used as adaptall end cap M42 to  canon eos adapter plus M42 body cap used as adaptall end cap johnson and johnson cotton buds container cap used as adaptall end cap

Adaptall lens cap - original

The original clear plastic caps (pic left) that fit on the bare mount end are not so common and the flanges that lock the cap on break off. They are the best fit, with the depth to cover all the protruding rear groups/baffles and avoid any contact with the cap. But there are alternatives (besides using a mount + cap as an end cap):

13A+hood (63K)

24-48mm SP 13A Hood.

The hood for the 13A may or may not accompany the lens, if it doesn't it is hard to find and in any case is designed for full frame. A deeper hood is better on APSC. So an alternative, original or third party, is a EW-63II hood for Canon. It is a good fit diameter-wise on the bayonet, but doesn't quite orient exactly at "12 O'clock".

Please tell me if you know of bayonet hoods that work on other adaptall lenses eg 27A, 22A, 28A, 40A.

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